Welcome on the website of The Community Health Centre Botermarkt

Community Health Centre Botermarkt,  a not-for-profit organization, wants to contribute to high quality, accessible primary health care for all the citizens living in Gent Zuid, Ledeberg, a part of Melle and Merelbeke (with Ringvaart as boarder). The centre wants to contribute to an open, socially just society,  based on solidarity.  Essential characteristics are: 

  • primary health care, putting the patient at the centre of the holistic approach.
  • prevention of disease and health promotion
  • accessibility (geographical, cultural, financial,…); for the financial accessibility we use a capitation system without co-payment
  • interdisciplinary cooperation in one building, including: family physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, dentists, receptionists, health promoters and ancillary staff
  • community-oriented approach: contributing to healthy life circumstances through health promotion and participation in local initiatives. The local welfare platform Gentbrugge-Ledeberg is here an important tool and has been created by and is still led by the Community Health Centre.
  • quality
  • starting from a pluralistic perspective

Community Health Centre (CHC) Botermarkt is member of the Flemish Association of Community Health Centers and subscribes to the 11 criteria, defined by this organization (see: www.vwgc.be).